TOURNAMENT RULES (subject to change prior to Tourney Day)
No Pets Permitted - The tournament site has a NO PETS POLICY.  There are no exceptions, other than in the case of seeing-eye dogs. Please leave the critters home. The owners of pets observed by Tournament Officials will be asked to place them in an automobile, or leave the site.
Grilling is not Permitted - No open flames are permitted on the tournament site, such as charcoal or wood burning fires or grills.
Clean up - Each team should clear the field as quickly as possible at the conclusion of the game, and clean-up its team area on the sideline of any trash or debris, and place it in one of the convenient refuse containers.
Weather - Due to any unforeseen weather changes, we reserve the right to shorten games and/or cancel games if conditions warrant for safety, or in order to finish the tournament.
Time Keeping: All games are controlled from a central game clock.  Time is not kept on the field (except for penalties).  The game clock starts at scheduled game time - ALL games MUST start and end on time. Each round of games begins and ends at the same time. Each game consists of two (2), running clock 20 minute halves, with a 5 minute half-time, and 5 minutes between games.    The timekeeper will indicate verbally over the public address system and a central horn will blow when two (2) minutes remains for each of the following:
 - Before the end of the first half
 - Before the end of the game
Any team not on the field and ready to play within 1 minute after the horn will start the game on defense with the ball awarded to the opposing team.    All games must end on the central horn.  It is essential that teams get off the field immediately following the conclusion of their game, so the next game can begin.  When game is finished, shake the other teams hand and leave the bench area. If you are waiting to play, stretch on the side of the field opposite the current bench area so we can start the next game immediately after the previous game.
Competition Levels - There are A, B, and C divisions (subject to registration) for each age group.  This tournament is designed to create a competitive, safe and fun experience for teams in each division.  The tournament is open to travel, select and recreational teams.  Please do your best to select the most appropriate division for your team.  If your team is a select or all-star team, please be sure to register for the A division.  If your team participates competitively in the top level of a travel league (SEPYLA, CCLA), please register for the A division. 
Scoring -   One Game Official will record the score for each game.  Game Officials will report final scores to an Irish Skirmish representative who will record it at the administration tent.  All scores will be recorded on the master score sheet located in the main administration tent.  Coaches should check the score with the Game Officials on the field if they wish to validate the score.  Once the score reaches the administration tent the score is considered final. Winning teams will be awarded 2 points, losing teams will get 0 points, and ties will result in 1 point. Games that end in a tie after regulation will be governed by a braveheart sudden victory format (see overtime details below).
Tournament Results - The tournament will follow a hybrid of Pool and Bracket play. The Pools will be set by the Directors for rounds 1-3 (as necessary) based on the number of teams in the Pool, with Champion determined based on the Tie Breaker guidelines below. Some Divisions will be a combination of Pool play and Bracket play (as a result of the number of teams entered), using the same Tie Breaker guidelines. Full bracket play enables winners to play winners and losers to play losers in playoff format using the same Tie Breaker guidelines below.  A minimum of 3 games will be played by all teams (unless teams do not show up, in which case we will make every attempt to get your team a 3rd game that may or may not be out of the bracket or pool format and may or may not be consider exhibition or pool play).

Tie Breakers within Pools and Divisions
  • Points
  • Head To Head
  • Goals Allowed
  • Goal Differential
Player Eligibility - Ability to participate is determined by the Player's current academic grade level.  No team can have any Player whose current grade level is greater than the designated Grade level for which the team has entered the tournament. No high school students are allowed to participate on any team.  We cannot police rosters, and participation is on the basis of the honor system. Any team found to have a Player in violation of this rule, during or after the tournament, will forfeit all games in which the Player is known to have competed, and that team's Head Coach will be prohibited from future participation in the Irish Skirmish.  No Player may compete, or be rostered, on more than one team during the tournament.  Any team with a Player in violation of this rule will forfeit all games in which the Player is known to have competed.
Equipment - All personal equipment rules are in effect including protective eye wear and a MOUTHPIECE. Check your equipment BEFORE you leave to come to the tournament.  Please play close attention to butt ends of sticks.  Referees will not permit properly equipped players to participate.
Behavior - Fighting will not be tolerated!! Any Player who STARTS a fight or RETALIATES will immediately be ejected from the game and will not be able to participate in any remaining games  without warning. Taunting, profanity, or disrespect shown to Players, Coaches, Spectators, Game Officials or Tournament Staff will not be tolerated from Players, Coaches or Spectators.  Disciplinary action is at the discretion of Game Officials or the Tournament Staff and could include ejection from a game or dismissal from the tournament site.  Any Player, Coach or Spectator ejected from a game or dismissed from the tournament site will be prohibited from further competition during the tournament, and prohibited from participating in future Irish Skirmishes.  Any continued use of profanity, physical aggression, or generally inappropriate behavior by Players, Coaches, Parents, or Spectators will immediately result in dismissal from the tournament site and prohibited from participating in future Irish Skirmishes. 
Time OutsEach team is permitted a single, 30 second timeout per game. THE CLOCK CONTINUES TO RUN. If a team does not return to the field in a timely fashion they will lose possession of the ball or be assessed a delay of game penalty. No time outs in the last 2 minutes of the game. No additional timeouts are allowed except for those called for by a Game Official for injury, etc.
Overtime - There is no overtime period. Games that are tied at the end of regulation time are determined by a braveheart, sudden victory format. The braveheart will begin immediately following the final horn and consist of 2 players on each team and a goalie, playing for 2 minutes with first team scoring, winning. If no winner, there will be a 1 minute break followed by another 2 minute period with 2 new players for each team against the same (or different) goalies. After the 2 bravehearts with no scoring, a tie will be the result and each team will be awarded 1 point.

Checks Involving the Neck/Head


US Lacrosse calls special attention to the new (2012) NFHS RULE 5 SECTION 4, CHECKS INVOLVING THE HEAD/NECK, which is modified to state:

ARTICLE 1 A player shall not initiate contact to an opponent's head or neck with a slash, cross-check, or with any part of his body (head, elbow, shoulder, etc.), including any follow through to the head or neck.

ARTICLE 2 Blocking of an opponent with the head or initiating contact with the head, including by an offensive player in possession of the ball (known as spearing). US Lacrosse Boys Youth Rules 7 of 8

PENALTY: One, two, or three minute non-releasable foul, at the official's discretion, for violation of either article 1 or 2. An excessively violent violation of this rule may result in an ejection foul for flagrant misconduct.
Stick Checks Only a Game Official can initiate a stick check. If the stick is found to be illegal, the team of the Player in violation will be charged a timeout.  If no timeouts remain, a delay of game technical foul will be assessed. 
Long Poles - 4 long poles are allowed on the field at on the field at one time in all divisions including 3rd and 4th grade.
Additional Boys Division Rules
-Penalized player (except goalie) must serve the penalty
-Grades 7/8 substitutions are on the fly with no horns permitted
-Grades 3-6 - substitutions are permitted on sideline dead ball situations if requested promptly by the coach
Advancement Rules
-The four second "Goal clear on possession/exist from the crease" rule will be enforced at all levels
-The 20 second "Advance or Clear" the ball from the defensive zone to the offensive zone will be enforced at all 5th/6th and all 7/8th grade divisions
-The 10 second "Get it in the Box" rule once the ball passes midfield will be enforced at all 5/6th grade and all 7/8th grade divisions
- Teams with the lead and possession, must keep the ball in the offensive zone box in the last 2 minutes of the game.
Mercy Rule
-When a team is trailing by four or more goals, the coach of the trailing team shall have the option to take the ball at midfield or continue to face-off.
-Limited body checking is permitted in the 3/4th grade division, no "take-out" check or checks resulting from a run of greater than 3 strides are permitted
-One-handed stick checks are not permitted at any grade level
-All legal checks are allowed at the 5/6th and 7/8th grade levels but referees will be instructed to give special attention to stick checks that are out of control, unnecessary roughness where checks are made with force excessive beyond the game objective, and checks administered to face-off middies by wing middies.
-Players may make contact in an upright position within three yards of the ball. However, no take-out checks are permitted by any Player at any level. A take out check is defined as any check in which the player lowers his head or shoulder with the force and intent to put the other player on the ground.  Body checks made with the intent to injur the opposing Player or when unnecessary or excessive force is utilized, are not permitted.
Additional Girls's Division Rules
Girls competition shall be governed by US Lacrosse Youth Rules which can be found here -
Checking - Modified checking, that is, checking is below the shoulder (modified body check) is permitted.  Any check to the head or intentional push from behind with the stick is an automatic yellow card. The Player with the infraction (yellow card) must serve a 3 minute penalty without a substitution.  Offending team must keep track of the penalty minutes.  If the same Player receives two yellow cards she is in jeopardy of being ejected from the game.  The 3rd infraction by the same Player is an automatic RED card and the Player will be ejected from the game.
Mercy Rules - The eight (8) goal mercy rule is in effect with a lead of 8 goals or more. The ball will be given to the trailing team at midfield.  

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