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Saturday results!

Boys 3rd/4th A division - Champion Springfield C1

Boys 3rd/4th B division - Champion Upper Merion Lacrosse Club 3/4
Boys 5th/6th A division - Champion Blackstorm 6

Boys 5th/6th B South division - Champion Blackstorm 5
Boys 5th/6th B North division - Champion Springfield B2

Boys 5th/6th C division - Champion Devils 6 Red

Sunday Results!

Boys 7th/8th A division - Champion: Blackstorm 8
Boys 7th/8th B South division - Champion: Devils 8
Boys 7th/8th B North division - Champion: SABLA
Boys 7th/8th C division - Champion: Lawrence Lacrosse Club 7 

Girls 5th/6th A division - Champion: BYC
Girls 5th/6th B division - Champion: SAGLA Sparks 5-6
Girls 7th/8th A division - Champion: Upper Moreland Bears

Girls 7th/8th B division - Champion: Mama's Girlz

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